About me [English version]

Four brushstrokes on the artist behind Eneri.Arte:

I was born surrounded by mountains and I am post-Olympic. As a child he was drawing under the pseudonym of Eneri (my name is the other way around) and great, as you can see, I keep doing it. I have never done drawing classes, apart from those of the school. In fact, after school, I stopped drawing. I am an engineer re-converted into a neuroscientist. I recently reappeared on the pencil and the result was the creation of Eneri.Arte, an artistic-therapeutic way that I use to express, share and release everything that I get inside. I am-I consider myself an “artist & emotional illustrator”. Yes, I invented the term. I need to connect with art from the centre to draw. I draw what comes out, when and how it comes out. Sometimes they let me say and exhibit my illustrations on walls of gourmet and cafes. I’m not much about uploading stories to Instagram (@eneri.arte), but of hanging slow-drawings. If you have arrived here, you can stay. I hope the illustrations make your soul vibrate a bit.

A hug from the heart with a sea breeze,